Let Us Not Forget

Wall of Honor


Honoring those soldiers who lived or died in Jasper County

Name Rank &/or Branch War (if Civil War: Union or Confederate) Source
Corbin W. Abbott Cpl. WWII 30:2
Soloman Henry Adams Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class WWI 30:4
Lewis E. Aebi Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Henry Aggleson Pvt. Co. F Civil War 1.250694444
Alfred Akers Sgt. WWII 30:2
Alford N. Allen Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Clay C. Allen Pvt./Army WWI 30:5, CP*
Clifford James Allen Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
David Allen QMSgt, MOJackson Light Artillery, & MO Lt. Artillery 3rd Battery Confederate 1: NatArch Bur:Park Cem
Green Allen Pvt. Co. H Civil War 1.250694444
Issac Nelson Allen Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Emmett L. Alumbaugh PFC WWII 30:2
Lloyd A. Alumbaugh Cpl. Army Korea 30:3
Robert L. (Bob) Anderson Sgt. MO Army National Guard   30:Obit
Jay D. Archer PFC WWII 30:2
Billy J. Armstrong SFC Army Korea 30:3
James R. Arnold Sgt. WWII 30:2
Roddy A. Arnold PFC WWII 30:2
Homer E. Artinger Pvt. WWII 30:2
William M. Baker Pvt. 194th Gen Hosp U.S.Army WW II 19:MilD
Charles G. Baldwin 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Floyd D. Ball Seaman 2c/US Navy WWII-USS Baltimore (CA-68) 24*:HDisC
Stephen D. Ball ETC(SW)/US Navy Vietnam Era/Cold War 29:DD214
James E. Bandy Sgt. WWII 30:2
Jimmie E. Barcom PFC Army Korea 30:3
Frank A. Barham US Navy   Fidelity
William M. Barnard Pvt. Army Korea 30:3
Homer P. Bates S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Alvin M. Beasley Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Columbus J. Beckett Co. H, 11th Mo. Cav Civil War 2: MilS Bur:ParkCem
Donald H. Beiswanger Sgt. MO Army National Guard   30:Obit
Charles R. Berkley TEC 4 WWII 30:2
David L. Betebenner Sergeant Vietnam 3: Funeral card
David Lee Betebenner Sgt. Army Vietnam 30:3
Paul B. Betz PFC WWII 30:2
Fred J. Bigbee Cpl. WWII 30:2
George F. Bilger Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Harry H. Blair Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
A.J. Blake 5th MO Battalion State Guards 1st MO Battalion Light Artillery Confederate 1883 History
Paul John Blinzler CW-4 Army WWII 30:Obit
Luther C. Booker Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
John Booth Pvt. Co. H Civil War 30:1
Earnest R. Bowen Bugler/US Army WWI 29*:HDC
William R. Bowen S2c/US Navy WWII 29:HDC
Mervin C. Bowers Colonel- US Army Signal Corp WWII 32*
Stanley W. Bowman S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Lawrence G. Bradshaw Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
William F. Branscumb Pvt. WWII 30:2
Joe O. Brasher Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
Hobert Breeden Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Don C. Bridges Pvt. WWII 30:2
Leon E. Briggs Capt./Army WWI 30:4
Frederick O. Bright Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Loyd Brosius Sgt. USMC WWI 30:SoGWii*
Victor F. Brotherton PFC WWII 30:2
Charles A. Brown Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Jos. Brown Co. B 185 Ohio Inf.   Peace Church
Joson H. Brown Co B 13 MO Inf.   Belk 2: 81-92
Lester Brown Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Elmer B. Bruce Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Earl J. Bruton 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Walter L. Buchanan Sgt. WWII 30:2
Samuel Bumpus Pvt 8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Civil 13:NatArch; B
Richard I. Burgess Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
George B. Burgoon Pvt Co K, 19th TX Cav, Burford's TX Rangers Grapevine Mounted Riflemen, Tarrant Co, 20th Brig. Civil War Confederate 14:NatArch Bur:DS
Floyd D. Burkey Pvt. WWII 30:2
Mack D. Bussey Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
William G. Buxton Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Melvin L. Byrd PFC WWII 30:2
William K. Byrd Sgt. WWII 30:2
Arthur Gill Caffee Lieut. in the U.S. Navy   25*:VMI
Mahlon Wilkins Caffee Private/Camp Taylor World War 1 25*:VMI
William King Caffee 1st Lieut. Co. G 22nd Regiment Missouri, Commanding Officer Spanish-American 25*:LRA
George Call Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
Clyde R. Callaway Sgt. WWII 30:2
Albert J. Calvin Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Freeman Campbell Sgt. WWII 30:2
H. Burkett Campbell MO C S 2 US Navy Korea Fidelity
Otis C. Carpenter PFC Army Korea 30:3
Chester Calvin Carrico PFC USMC Vietnam 30:3
Charles D. Carson PFC WWII 30:2
Harold Leroy Carver PFC USMC Vietnam 30:3
Lenval H. Cash FLO WWII 30:2
Earl Parker Casner Cpl./USMC WWI 30:4
Hubert R. Cass PFC WWII 30:2
Calvary Chapman 76th Reg. Enrolled MO Militia   1883 History
Elmer Charboneau Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Charles Franklin Chatelle Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Ray V. Chidester Pvt. WWII 30:2
Authur James Clark PFC/Army WWI 30:4
Herman D. Clark PFC WWII 30:2
Virgil E. Clark PFC/Army WWI 30:4
William L. Clark Pvt. WWII 30:2
Donald Gene Cleaver S Sgt. Air Force Vietnam 30:3
Billy G. Coates Pvt. WWII 30:2
Kenyon Harry Cochran Capt./USMC WWI 30:4
Edward Cockerell Pvt. Co. H Civil War 30:1
David S. Coffee Mechanic/Army WWI 30:4
Henry Lewis Collier PFC/Army WWI 30:4
James Conklin Pvt. Co. A 6th Regm't Missouri Cav. Civil War 4: Orig. DischPap
Clifton Harding Conrad PFC/Army WWI 30:4
Clifford M. Conway E4/Army Vietnam 37:DisP
Leonard Cook PFC WWII 30:2
Oren S. Cooper SFC Army Korea 30:3
Roy R. Cooper Pvt. WWII 30:2
Melvin E. Copher Sgt. WWII 30:2
Max W. Copple PFC US Army World War II Fidelity
Corwin H. Corder 2nd Lt./Army WWI 30:4
William F. Cosairt Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Glenn H. Counts Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
Gow R. Covey PFC/Army WWI 30:4
Dee P. Craig PFC/Army WWI 30:4
Thomas C. Crook Cook/Army WWI 30:4
George W. Crowder PFC WWII 30:2
Arthur Cullison Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
James F. Cumberland Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Frank Cunningham Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Richard Glen Cupp SP3 US Army   Fidelity
Carl Currah Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Donald B. Daner 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Claude C. Danforth Cpl. WWII 30:2
Eugene V. Daniels Pvt. WWII 30:2
Fred S. Danner PFC WWII 30:2
Lloyd E. Darrah Cook/Army WWI 30:4
Albert Davis Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
George A. Davis Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
William A. Davis PFC WWII 30:2
Bernard Davisson Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Lee M. Day Pvt. WWII 30:2
Zell De Casterro Pvt. WWII 30:2
Daniel H. DeBoard Co. K 3rd IA Cavalry   1883 History
Alexander Washington Decker Co. F, 10th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry Civil War 3: PensR
Z. T. Decker 7th Kansas Cavalry Civil War 3: Obituary
Zachary Taylor Decker Co. B, 16th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment Civil War 38:AGKs
Charles H. Dent Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Billy J. Devins Sgt. WWII 30:2
John E. Dewitt Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Lawrence Dewitt Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Ernest H. Digby Sgt. WWII 30:2
Lorenzo Dillender Sergeant, Sixth Kansas Cavalry Civil War 3: Obituary
Veral Ben Dilworth TEC US Army World War II Fidelity
Everett W. Dodson PFC WWII 30:2
Lee W. Dodson 1st Lt. WWII 30:2
Raymond Eugene Donelson Sgt. US Army WWII 39
George R. Dotson S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Fred Downs Pvt. WWII 30:2
Keith Edward Doyle Msg MO Army National Guard   30:Obit
Chester A. Driver Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
John Wesley Earles Captain, Company G, 53rd Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry Civil War 31:CWSR
G.W. Edinger Co. G 3rd PA Volunteer Inf. Co. G 155th Reg. PA Vol.   1883 History
William R. Edmondson Maj. Air Force Vietnam 30:3
Cecil M. Edwards TEC 5 WWII 30:2
Charles S. Edwards Sgt./Army WWI 30:4
Jonnie T. Edwards Cpl. WWII 30:2
Donald H. Elfret Pvt. WWII 30:2
Clyde W. Elliot, Jr. PFC WWII 30:2
Joseph Endicott Pvt. Volunteer Battery Civil War 30:1
Roy R. Erwin Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Thomas J. Evans Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Ludwig Everson 129th Machine Gun Battalion Infantry Division WW1 5: WW1HR
Curtis A. Fanning SFC/Army WWI 30:4
Frank N. Fannon PFC/Army WWI 30:4
Noel J. Faubion 1st WWII 30:2
Gerald E. Fenner PFC WWII 30:2
Otis Ferrell Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Jack M. Fisher PFC WWII 30:2
Elliott L FOSTER Pvt/Army WWI 34:MOSoSSD
Vernell FOSTER Cpl / Army WWI 34:MOSoSSD
R. I. Frankenstein Sgt. WWII 30:2
John W. Frey Co. E 12th PA Cavalry Union Livingston pg. 1017-19
Paul P. Fullerton PFC WWII 30:2
Pat L. Fussell T Sgt. WWII 30:2
Jack Dee Gaines Sgt. USMC Korea 30:3
Frank E. Galardo PFC WWII 30:2
John Gray Galbraith Sgt./Army WWI 30:4
Robert E. L. Galbraith Cpl. WWII 30:2
Wyatt Gann Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Cameron Garrett Pvt. Volunteer Battery Civil War 30:1
David F. Garrison CPL Co G2 Regt. MO Inf. Spanish-American War Peace Church
Gel Garrison Co G REGT MO Inf. Spanish-American War Belk 2: 81-92
John L. Gerheart Sgt. Army Korea 30:3
James (Monroe) Gibson Pvt Co I - 9th IA Cav 2 Oct 1863 - 15 Mar 1866 Civil War / Union Army 12*:NASC#782257; 1895R; Bur:Wea
William Harrison Gibson Pvt Co K/15th IA Inf 13 Feb 1862 - 19 Dec 1862 Sgt Co I, 9th IA Cav 2 Oct 1863 - 16 Mar 1866 Civil War / Union Army 12*:NASC#543658; 1895R; Obit; Bur:Car
Robert R. Gilbert TEC 5 WWII 30:2
Warren L. Gilbert Cpl. WWII 30:2
Melvin R. Glaze Pvt first Class, U.S. Army World War II 15:PK
Joseph Gondos Sgt./Army WWI 30:4
Albert A. Goodnight Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
Israel Gooseman Co. C 2 W.VA Cavalry   Peace Church
Carl Elet Gordon Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Maurice J. Gorman Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Kenneth W. Gorsuch S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Milton L. Graff Pvt. WWII 30:2
Harry Graham Fireman 1st Class/Navy WWI 30:4
Robert A. Graham PFC WWII 30:2
Jack Gray Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Lawrence Gray 2nd Lt. WWI 30:CLG*
Willis H. Gray Sgt./Army WWI 30:4
Earl Grayhart Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Meakley H. Green Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
John C. Green PFC WWII 30:2
Robert E. Greenup PFC Army Korea 30:3
Leslie E. Greenwood SI US Navy World War II Fidelity
Giles R. Greer Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
Harrison H. Gregory Pvt. WWII 30:2
James M. Grigsby T Sgt. WWII 30:2
William Grisby Pvt. Co. D Civil War 30:1
Rhollie E. Guyll Pvt. WWII 30:2
Glen E. Haggard PFC WWII 30:2
Lonnie Dean Hale Seaman 2nd Class/Navy WWI 30:4
Lewis W. Hall PFC WWII 30:2
Russell Hall Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Victor J. Hall TEC 5 WWII 30:2
Edgar V. Hallar Pvt. WWII 30:2
Vanrenseller Hancock Pvt. Volunteer Battery Civil War 30:1
Clark B. Hardesty CPL 163 Inf. World War II Fidelity
Clark B. Hardesty Cpl. WWII 30:2
Wilbert J. Hardesty MO Pvt Quartermaster Corps World War I Fidelity
Nelson U. Hardin Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
James A. Harris Pvt. Army Korea 30:3
John Thomas Hart Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Lawrence A. Hart Cpl./Army WWI 30:4
Louis F. Hasselbring PFC WWII 30:2
Jonathan Hauck Union Army 1883 History
George R. Hawley Pvt. WWII 30:2
Floyd J. Haynes PFC WWII 30:2
Theodore A. Hays Sgt./Army WWI 30:4
Frank Haze Pvt. Co. F Civil War 30:1
James V. Hecwood, Jr. Sgt. WWII 30:2
Ward W. Helm Cpl. WWII 30:2
Lloyd L. Hemphill 1st Lt. WWII 30:2
Clark Lee Henderson, JR. Sgt. USMC Vietnam 30:3
Daniel E. Hendricks Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Orville R. Hester S Sgt. WWII 30:2
John E. Hight PFC WWII 30:2
Cecil E. Hill Sgt. WWII 30:2
John Hinamon Co. D 96th OH Volunteer Infantry   1883 History
William H. Hink PFC/Army WWI 30:4
William Morgan Hodkin Company A, 128th Machine Gun Battalion WWI 3: A
Max D. Holden PFC WWII 30:2
Ferdinand Hollingsworth Company B, Mounted Rangers, Army of the United States, commanded by Maj. Henry Dodge, Sept. and October 1832, from Oaktown, Busseron Township, Indiana Blackhawk War 14:1886K&D Bur:DS
William T. Holmes Pvt, 3rd Indiana Cavalry, U.S. Army (Medal of Honor) Civil War 6: PF & USAHC
John S. Hopkins Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Ernest G. Hopp Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Charles Brent Horton LCPL USMC Vietnam 30:3
James Howard Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Thomas A. Howell Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Glenn S. Hubbard PFC WWII 30:2
John Joshua Huckaby Private Sixth Kentucky Company D Confederate Civil War 7: Orphan
Glenn L. Huddleston Pvt. WWII 30:2
George A. Hudgins PFC WWII 30:2
Gary Duane Hudson LCPL USMC Vietnam 30:3
Elmer Porter Hughes Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Elroy M. Hulett Major WWII 30:2
Napoleon Boneparte Hunnell Private, Company C 154th Reg. Illinois Inf US Army Civil War 26:CWR
Oliver G. Hunt Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Dester L. Hurlbert PFC/Army WWI 30:4
Joseph L. Hutchens TEC 5 WWII 30:2
Kenneth Ray Irelan EN2 Navy Vietnam 30:3
Billie E. Isgrigg 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
John L. Jackson PFC/Army WWI 30:4
David Lee Johnson Cpl. USMC Korea 30:3
Fred E. Johnson S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Lloyd Paul Johnson Sgt. MO Army National Guard, 203rd CA (AA) WWII 30:Obit
Milton Johnson Pvt. Co. F Civil War 30:1
Virgil L. Johnson PFC WWII 30:2
Henry Jones Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Marion W. Jones PFC WWII 30:2
Walter L. Jones PFC WWII 30:2
Phillip Dale Joslen PFC Army Vietnam 30:3
George Ouray Kane Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Ray N. Karis Sgt./Army (D.S.C. Awarded) WWI 30:4
Chester C. Keithley Pvt. WWII 30:2
Joshua Draper Palmer Kendrick Private, Company C, Johnson's Battalion Civil War Confederate 14*:RMCV#522
Claude E. Kessler Pvt./Army WWI 30:4
Dwight M. Kester T Sgt. WWII 30:2
John W. Kimberlin PFC Army Korea 30:3
Robert Glenn Kimbley Sp4/US Army Vietnam 30:3
George Knight Co. B 6th KS Vol. Reg Union VanGilder pg. 87
Nelson Knight Co. B 6th KS Vol. Reg Union VanGilder pg. 87
William Knight Pvt. Co. F Civil War 30:1
James Wright Lafever Seaman 2nd Class Navy WWI 30:4
Lewis O. Lambeth Pvt. WWII 30:2
Charles R. Landon MSgt. Army Korea 30:3
Harlin E. Lane US Army World War II Fidelity
Floyd A. Largent Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Howard R. Leadabrand Pvt. WWII 30:2
Virgil M. Ledford Sp4/US Army Vietnam 30:3
Ed Robert Lee Yeoman Navy WWI 30:4
Joseph Frank Lehman Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
David L. Lightfoot PVT Co. H 26 Reb E.M.M.   Peace Church
Nelson Lindley Tech5/US Army Air Corps WWII 29:HDC
John R. Lisch S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Thomas R. Livingston Major/1st Bat. Cherokee Spikes Civil War 11/OR; JCH
Adolph Gustav Loehr Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Glen R. Long Pvt. WWII 30:2
Jerem'h Long Co. C 13 MO Inf.   Peace Church
Walter Long PFC Army WWI 30:4
Walter R. Long Pvt. WWII 30:2
William M. Long PFC Army Korea 30:3
Forrest M. Lowry PFC WWII 30:2
Roland F. Ludwig Sgt. WWII 30:2
Edger Z. Lynch PFC WWII 30:2
Dale E. Lynn Pvt. WWII 30:2
Dennis Lyons Pvt. Co. E Civil War 30:1
Robert Bruce Mackenzi Pvt. USMC WWI 30:4
Lloyd C. Mahurin 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Thomas A. Mallory PFC WWII 30:2
James P. Mallos S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Justin M. Marshall 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Lealen R. Martin S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Wallace B. Martin Cpl. WWII 30:2
Charles W. Masters Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Marion C. Maxton S Sgt. WWII 30:2
William Mayfield Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
George G. McCafferty Greene Co M.M. Co 1 13th Regt Post Civil War 1865-66 16:OMSS:V11/165/ J673-1043/ B261-19937/ 25A-4-5
L. C. McCoy Sgt. WWII 30:2
Lawrence McCrea PFC Army Vietnam 30:3
DeWitt McCreary MO Pvt 161 Depot Brig   Peace Church
Roy W. McCubbin, Jr. Pvt. WWII 30:2
Clarence McCullough PFC Army WWI 30:4
Charles Franklin McCune 128th Machine Gun Bat/35th Div WW1 22:DisP 1930Cen
John Henry McCune Co. E 28th Engrs, Service over seas from 31 July 1918 to 23 May 1919, Service as Corp of the 18th Recruit & Company GSL-Jefferson Barracks WW1 22:SC DBC
Arthur R. McDermott PVT US Army Korea Fidelity
Julian Allen McKee LCPL USMC Vietnam 30:3
Fountain S. McKenzie Captain - Co. B; 1st Mo. Cavalry; Confederate Civil War 36
Jack M. McKinney 2nd Lt. Army Korea 30:3
Robert McKone Cpl. Army WWI 30:4
John F. McNabb FLO WWII 30:2
George A. McNerney 2nd Lt. Army Korea 30:3
Norman H. McVey PFC WWII 30:2
Leroy E. Mell PFC WWII 30:2
Lawrence A. Michael CPL US Army World War II Fidelity
John B. Middleton Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Wayne A. Miller Cpl. WWII 30:2
Max Briton Mims Sgt. U.S. Army Viet Nam 1: MilD
William D. Mitchell Co. I 79th IN Infantry   1883 History
George Mittchell Pvt. Co. F Civil War 30:1
Jesse Ralph Moody Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Dave Moore Pvt. WWII 30:2
John Wilson Moore Pvt., Co. H, 38th Iowa Infantry Civil War 27:PF/Fairview
Joseph Lee Moore SFC Army Vietnam 30:3
Leroy F. Moore Pvt. WWII 30:2
Roy W. Morrison Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Ralph W. Moser TEC 4 WWII 30:2
Harry Moskovitz T Sgt. WWII 30:2
Lawrence D. Moss 1st Lt. Army Korea 30:3
Robert D. Murdock PFC WWII 30:2
Maurice Leland Murphy Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Renard Napper Co B 23rd Iowa Infantry Civil War 21:NatArch Bur:CH
William R. Narranore Sgt. WWII 30:2
Leonard Elza Nease, Jr. SEA US Navy World War II Fidelity
William Neighbours 111th ILL Inf.   1883 History
Steve F. Newberry SP3 US Army   Fidelity
Lawrence J. Newell PFC Army WWI 30:4
Jasper M. Newton Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Fred W. Nichols TEC 5 WWII 30:2
Lawrence N. Norman TEC 5 WWII 30:2
Leonard F. Norman T Sgt. WWII 30:2
Clovis L. Nornan Sgt. WWII 30:2
W.H.P. Norris 21st MO Infantry   Livingston pg. 680
Albert J. Oclesby PFC WWII 30:2
Charles M. Oldham PFC/ US Army WWII 29; HDC
Mark L. Oldham S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Raymond L. Oldham Sp4/US Army Vietnam 29; HDC
George W. Olliver S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Paul O. O'Neal Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
William Claud Patterson Fireman 1st Class WWI 30:4
Leroy W. Pauley PFC WWII 30:2
Johnny R. Payne PFC WWII 30:2
Jesse Roy Peek Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Iva Peterson Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Clair E. Phillips Pvt. WWII 30:2
Jay A. Phillips 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Larry Dean Pliler Sgt. USMC Vietnam 30:3
Thomas M. Pool, Jr. Pvt. WWII 30:2
Aaron M. Powell PFC WWII 30:2
Robert Allen Powell Sgt. Army Vietnam 30:3
Ovie J. Pritchett PFC WWII 30:2
Carl Queen PFC Army WWI 30:4
Arthur A. Rackley Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
William L. Rainey PFC Army Korea 30:3
Robert Ralston TEC 4 WWII 30:2
Richard N. Randall MO Pvt Co B 40 Engr C Regt World War II Fidelity
Lynn W. Reese Pvt. WWII 30:2
Loern L. Reidinger Cook 2nd Class Navy WWI 30:CLG*
Robert S. Rice 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Dallas J. Richardson MO PVT 50 Engr Training BN World War II Peace Church
Robert R. Richardson S 2 US Navy   Fidelity
Dwight Gary Rickman Cpt. USMC Vietnam 30:3
Guy Ridlon Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Eugene Ring Pvt. Army WWI 30:HR, CLG*
Nelvin H. Roath Sgt. WWII 30:2
James E. Robbins CW-4 Army WWII 30:Obit
Dona D. Robertson S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Barnette Robinson LTC USMC Korea 30:3
Charles E. Rogers PFC WWII 30:2
Fred B. Rogers Sgt. WWII 30:2
Philander Rose Private & Corporal/Company I, 21st Infantry, Ohio Regiment Civil War (Union) 8: PensR
Howard E. Routledge Pvt. WWII 30:2
Leonard D. Rowland PFC WWII 30:2
Alex. Ruddick Company H, 57th Illinois Infantry Civil War 3: C/L
Robert Jack Ruhl, Jr. PFC Vietnam 30:3
Reuben Rusk Co. K 6th KS Infanty Volunteers   1883 History
Elmer Clinton Sageser Gunners Mate 2nd Class U.S. Navy WWII 33*
Levi Sanders Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Eugene Schell S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Frederick(Fred) Schell 3rd MO Cal Civil War 22*:WWW
Linord Lee Schmidt Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Oscar R. Schnidt Sgt. WWII 30:2
Roy B. Schrader, Sr. US Army World War II Fidelity
Francis N. Scott Pvt. WWII 30:2
John Scott Pvt 8th MO Cav, Stone Co., Home Guard Civil War, Mexican War 18:PensR
Middleton H. Scott Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
John Elmer Scurlock MO PVT 1CL PROVOST GUARD CO   Peace Church
Albert Setaer, Jr. Cpt. Army WWII 30:Obit
Monty Rae Sewell LCPL/USMC Vietnam 30:3
Robert L. Shackelford S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Irwin H. Shaw Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Ambrose J. Shelton Sergeant/1st Lt. Civil War 20:WWW
Lenord N. Shofler T Sgt. WWII 30:2
Carrol E. Shore PFC WWII 30:2
Otto L. Short Sgt. WWII 30:2
Clyde R. Simmons 1st Lt. WWII 30:2
Fred L. Slater PFC WWII 30:2
Cecil C. Smith Cpl. Army WWI 30:4
Dale P. Smith PFC WWII 30:2
Dale W. Smith 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Royal E. Smith S Sgt. WWII 30:2
William Smith Pvt. Co. E Civil War 30:1
Harry R. Soliday US Army World War II Fidelity
Charles W. Souder MO CPL Marine Air GP   13 Fidelity
Paul Ota Souder TEC 5 US Army World War II Fidelity
Robert Lee Southern Pvt., Co D, 47th NC Inf Reg, NC Troops Civil War 17:NatArch
Wallace L. Sparks A1c/US Air Force Korean War 29:HDC
Roy Clemmens Spicer Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
John A. Sprouse Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Marvin C. Spurgin Cpl. WWII 30:2
Charles R. Standley Cpl. WWII 30:2
Harvey E. Stanley Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Lyle E. Stecink 1st Lt. WWII 30:2
Jack C. Steele PFC WWII 30:2
Lionel Stines Pvt. WWII 30:2
Elliot E. Stone 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Jere. Stone Company C, 8th Missouri E. M. Civil War 3: Bur:C/L
William T. Stone 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Horac E. Sullivan S Sgt. WWII 30:2
James H. Sweezy Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Francis D. Swindle S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Billy James Swiney U.S. Navy - 7th fleet USS Glennon & USS Shea WWII 23:Ruby Swiney
Harold L. Terry Sgt. Army Korea 30:3
John A. Thomas 9 Tn Cav Lehigh Civil War 9: 1890 SCUS&W/11
John C. Thomas Union / 11th Veterans Reserve CorpsCivil War35:CP
Marcum E. Thomas 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Milton Sidney Thurman Sgt. in Co. C 28th TN Inf (2nd Regt. TN Vols.) Civil War 28:MilD/HG
Charles D. Todd 2nd Lt. WWII 30:2
Walter E. Tonnies PFC WWII 30:2
Elmer Allen Triplett MO FIREMAN 1 CL USNRF   Fidelity
George W. Triplett CO A 4 MO S.M. CAV   Fidelity
Willie Truelove Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Robert S. Trurman Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
William A. Tryon Pvt. WWII 30:2
Robert C. Tudor FLO WWII 30:2
William A. Turk Pvt. WWII 30:2
William E. Turner PVFC Army WWI 30:4
Adron A. Ummel Pvt. WWII 30:2
Harold C. Vailes Pvt. WWII 30:2
Fred W. Van Scoyk T Sgt. WWII 30:2
Bertrand D. Vincent PFC WWII 30:2
David Waldstein PVFC Army WWI 30:4
Orville C. Wall PFC US ARMY Korea Peace Church
Cecil A. Ward PFC WWII 30:2
Glenn L. Warden Pfvt. WWII 30:2
Barney Watson Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
John Russell Watts App. Seaman WWI 30:4
Dallis Weaver Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
George Webb Pvt. Co. D Civil War 30:1
Grandville M. Webb Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Webb   Confederate Fidelity
Webb   Confederate Fidelity
Herman R. Welch Pvt. WWII 30:2
Vernon F. Wells PFC WWII 30:2
Reuben E. Wheeles S Sgt. WWII 30:2
Isom White Co. E 50 MO Inf.   Peace Church
Peter White Pvt. Co. E Civil War 30:1
Reno A. White, Jr. PFC US Army World War II Fidelity
Joseph J. Whited PFC WWII 30:2
William L. Whitelock Pvt. WWII 30:2
Jack Whitton Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Joe Ray Whittrd Sgt./USMC Vietnam 30:3
Wolfred Edwin Wiggins Sgt. Army WWI 30:4
John A. Wilbourn Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Fred J. Wilkins PFC WWII 30:2
Benj. F. Williams Co. F 30 ILL Inf.   Peace Church
Carl Alonzo Williams Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Delno (Dilno) Williams Co I 8th MO Cavalry   Peace Church
Floyd Williams Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
George Williams Ohio Regiment   Livingston pg. 1014-15
Wallace R. Williams Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
James A. Williamson Wagoner Army WWI 30:4
James W. Willoughby PFC Army WWI 30:4
Albert F. Wilmoth Cpl. WWII 30:2
Clyde A. Wilson PFC WWII 30:2
Frank Wilson Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Alfred I. Windle T Sgt. WWII 30:2
Charles C. Wirth PFC Army WWI 30:4
John E. Wise MM3/US Navy WWII 29:HDC
Charles B. Wood PFC Army WWI 30:4
Charles Pollard Wood Sergeant/Co. A MO 2nd Inf.(Carthage) Spanish-American 10/Park Cem; CP; Mon
Harold E. Wood Cpl. Army Korea 30:3
Lloyd G. Wood 1st Lt. WWII 30:2
Leslie Woodmansee Cpl. Army WWI 30:4
Jesse Workman Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Eldon E. Wright Pvt. WWII 30:2
Fred V. Yocam Pvt. Army WWI 30:4
Ronald Bruce Yockey MO F 2C USNR World War II Fidelity
Raily Young Pvt. Co. A Civil War 30:1
Donald D. Younger PFC Army Korea 30:3




1883 History: The History of Jasper County, Missouri; Mills & Company; Des Moines, Iowa; 1883
1890 SCUS&W/#: 1890 Special Census Union Soldiers & Widows/Book #
Belk (Vol)/(Pages): Tombstone Inscriptions of Jasper County; Colleen Belk
CLG: Carthage Light Guard; Ward Schrantz
HR: Halliburton's Narrative
JCH: Jasper County History
Livingston: A History of Jasper County Missouri and Its People; Joel T. Livingston; The Lewis Publishing Co.; 1912
Orphan: History Of The Orphan Brigade by Ed Porter Thompson
SoGWii: Soldiers of the Great War, Volume II
VanGilder: Jasper County - The First Two Hundred Years; Marvin VanGilder & the Jasper County Commission; 1995


Bur:: Buried in
Car: Carterville Cemetery
CH: Cedar Hill Cemetery
C/L: Carter/Laxton Cemetery
DS: Dudman Springs Cemetery
Fairview: Fairview Cemetery
Fidelity: Fidelity Cemetery
HG: Harmony Grove Cemetery
Park Cem: Park Cemetery
Peace Church: Peace Church Cemetery
Wea: Weaver Cemetery

Other Sources

1886K&D: History of Knox and Daviess Counties, Indiana, 1886
1895R: 1895 Roster Dept. of Missouri Grand Army of the Republic
1930Cen: 1930 Census
A: Daughter's birth notice in The Carthage Press, 28 Feb 1918
AGKs: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, 1861-1865. Vol. 1. (Reprinted by Authority) Topeka, Kansas: The Kansas State Printing Company. 1896
B: Mary Bumpus widows pension application
CP: Carthage Press
CWR: Civil War Records 2/9/1865 to 8/18/1865
CWSR: Civil War Service Record
DBC: Delayed Birth Certificate
DD214 DD214 Report of Seperation
DisP: Discharge Papers on file at the Deputy Recorder, Jasper Co., MO
HDisC: Honorable Discharge Certificate
LRA: List of the Reg. Army from 1789-1903 who were Killed or Wounded in action
MilD: Military Documents
MilS: Military Sources
Mon: Monument on Courthouse Lawn
MOSoSSD: MO Secretary of State Soldiers Database
NASC#: National Archives Soldier's Certificate No.
NatArch: National Archives
OMSS/V#/#/J#/B#/#: Office of Missouri Secretary of State Vol./Pg./J/Box/#
Obit: Obituary - See Submitter notes
OR: Unknown
Orig. DischPap: Original Discharge Papers
PensR: Pension Record
PF: Pension File
PK: Personal Knowledge
RMCV: Record of Missouri Confederate Veterans Compiled For the United Daughters of the Confederacy, collected by Confederate Dame Chapter, Webb City, Jasper County - From the Office of the Secretary of State, Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City, Missouri
SC: Service Card
USAHC: U S Army History Center
VMI: VMI Record WW1HR: World War 1 Honor Roll
WWW: Website Address - See Submitter notes

These are used when Soldiers have been submitted by guests
If a * is after submitter #, more information is found below.
#:Submitted by
1: Frances Kelly
2: Judy Mims
3: Kathy Sidenstricker
4: Donna Stinson
5: Lisa Ganapini
6: Nancy Holmes Simpson
7: Jenna Snyder
8: Sharon Hamilton
9: Sue Gregory Guzman
10: Rowland C. Diggs Sr.
11: John C. Livingston
12: V. Norwood
1895R (J.H. Crenshaw Post No. 516 Carterville
Obit: Webb City Sentinel 4 Nov 1927
Bur: 9 Oct 1920
13: Marlow Bumpus
14: Christie Russell
The record shows he was a member of Jasper County Camp, United Confederate Veterans, No. 522
15: Ruth Peterson
16: Mary Ann Baker
17: Merle Southern
18: Deanna Stewart
19: Mary Ann Baker
20: Ben Shelton
21: Joann Kane
22: Diann McCune Muhs
Under Col. Cotlon Green
23: Brenda Hunemiller
24: Steven D. Ball
Honorable Discharge Certificate dtd 23 July 1946
25: Tiffany Luchetta
Mahlon W. Caffee died in service 12/30/1918
Arthur G. Caffee died 11/19/1910 gun exploded during test at Indian Head proving grounds, MD
William K. Caffee his only children are listed on this wall
26: Linda K. Wilson
27: Kathie Mauzey
28: Judith G. Good
29: Steven D. Ball
Honorable Discharge Certificate dtd 6 Jun 1919
30: Rowland C. Diggs
See notes for Obituaries
  1. Memorial Stone located in Fort Scott, Kansas, National Cemetery. Killed at Sherwood on May 18, 1863
  2. World War II Honor List, War Dept. June 1946, Missouri by County
  3. U.S. Military Records, Personnel who died, 1957-1994 Missouri
  4. MO Secretary of State Soldiers Database
  5. MO Adjuntant General Report Jan. 1, 1917
31: Jim Earles
32: Craig Bowers
Service Records and Family History - He was my Grandfather
33: Britt Sageser
Family Records
34: Tara Anderson
35: Rowland Diggs
Aug. 24, 1923 Obit
36: Tom Nelson
All I know is posted on Find A Grave
37: Ellen Conway
38: Geoffrey Decker
39: Mary Donelson Adams
Information is from military papers


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